I have an office in the awesome town of New Kensington, Pennsylvania, which is about 25 minutes northeast of Pittsburgh. I am in a lavish co-working space called The Corner, where I can meet with individuals or groups at my super-desk or in a swanky new boardroom. I have access to four locations in downtown Pittsburgh where I can also meet clients. Not near me? Just pick up the phone! 

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I'm Laurie, and like you, I have a million interests and jazz is and was my thing. I am a member of The National Association for Professional Women, and a certified Good Travels Advisor, which connects to climate and global charities with your purchase! My  suggestions are the right combination of safe, upbeat, honest, and geared towards two types: twenty somethings and fifty and beyond. In these categories there are interests - groups, weddings, singles, music, health, and oh yeah...war is not the answer!

I have booked thousands of trips, and my destinations of choice are: 

  • Asia (taiwan)
  • bermuda
  • italy
  • portugal
  • club med type all inclusive resorts. 

Choosing Jazz Music Travel to book your next trip does not add cost to your trip, in fact I save my clients money and time,  reduce stress and risk, and add value and enjoyment. I go to expert group travel training seminars to keep up with GROUPS.